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  • A family meeting with their banker


    Let’s develop a portfolio that meets your financial objectives.

    We have a dynamic, actively-managed investment process, that focuses on quality and consistency when looking at opportunities.

    We also use a Globally Enhanced Management Strategy to access a broad set of investment opportunities.

    Let’s talk about what we can do for your portfolio.

  • A client meeting with his banker


    When it comes to your wealth, you want an objective advisor who can serve as a financial advocate.

    A First Midwest Wealth Management Officer can work with you.

    Let’s build a plan to put you on a path to financial success.

  • A client meeting with his Banker


    Caring for aging parents — or other loved ones — is more than just physical care.

    A loved one’s finances can be a lot to handle.  

    When you partner with an experienced professional, you get the oversight, resources, and accountability you need.

    Avoid the unintended outcomes that are so common when people try to go it alone.

You have plans. We have ideas.

A family outside enjoying the sun


Over the course of a lifetime, a few simple habits can have a major impact on your overall wealth. Chart a path to a secure financial future.

We Have Ideas

 A young family of three meet with a financial consultant to discuss their financial plan

Have You Secured Your Financial Future?

With the help of your Financial Consultant,1 you can confidently structure a comprehensive financial plan that leaves a legacy to those you love.

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A married couple look over a laptop and financial documents while reviewing their investment plans


Where is the market heading? How will it affect your bottom line? We can help you plan.1

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A happy older couple embrace and are confident with their retirement plan


Your retirement plan should focus on milestone moments in your life while keeping your financial future on track.1

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A married couple review financial documents and are planning to use fiduciary and trust services


Get objective, trustworthy Fiduciary and Trust planning services1 to protect your family — and help you pass on your wealth according to your wishes.

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Connect with a Wealth Management Officer

How can we help your bottom line?

1 Wealth Management services are offered through First Midwest Bank. Most Wealth Management products are not FDIC insured. First Midwest Bank and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult an independent tax advisor or attorney for more complete information.

2 A Private Bank client is a Commercial client with business assets of $1 million or greater or an individual client with at least $250,000 combined qualifying deposit, investment and loan products with the Bank or a client that otherwise meets Private client criteria. See a Private Client Banker for details.