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Borrowing Products & Services at a Glance


First Midwest bank offers more than 50 mortgage options to help you achieve your purchase or refinance goals.1

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Home Equity Loans

Use your “house-power” to make home improvements, fund your kids’ education, or consolidate debt.1

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The EquiFlex™ Home Equity Line1 gives you lower rates than a typical credit card.

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Our 5 Most Frequently Asked Borrowing Questions

Q: How do I pay my loan online?


  • If you are a First Midwest client with a deposit account who uses Online Banking, you can log in to your account and use our “Funds Transfer” function to make your loan payment. Read our instructions.
  • If you are a client with a deposit account, but do not currently use Online Banking, you can enroll in Online Banking to use our “Funds Transfer” function to make your loan payment.
  • First Midwest loan clients, with or without a deposit account, can also use our Loan Payment Center to make online payments. Read our instructions, or make your loan payment.
Q: Where can I find my loan number?

A: You can find your loan number along the top of your statement, whether you have online or paper statements.

Q: When will my loan payment post to my account?

A: Loan payments, including mortgage payments, will generally be processed according to the schedule below:

Payment Type Processing Time
By Mail Processed on the same Business Day* it is received.
Automatic Debit (ACH) Processed on the same Business Day* it is scheduled.
At a Teller Line Processed on the same Business Day,* when made during regular business hours.
By Phone

Processed same Business Day,* if call to Customer Care is made by 5:00pm CT


If the client has both deposit account and loan with First Midwest, processed same Business Day* via funds transfer in Online Banking and if made by 8:00pm CT.

If the client does not have a First Midwest deposit account with us, processed same Business Day* via Loan Payment Center and if made by 5:00pm CT.

*Business Days are Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. Transactions received on a Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays are posted on the next business day.

Q: How do I save my loan statements in Online Banking?

A: If you are already enrolled in Online Statements, simply log in to Online Banking and click the Online Documents tab on the menu bar to view your statements. Up to the last 13 months of loan statements are available in Online Banking as PDFs.

If you would like to enroll in Online Statements, log in to Online Banking, click the Online Documents tab on the menu bar, and select “change your document delivery method.” Select Online Statements and agree to the terms of service. As your statements are generated online, they will be stored under the Online Documents tab for 13 months.

First Midwest Bank holds your loan statements for up to 5 years. If you need a paper version of a statement, you may contact Customer Care at 800.322.3623 and we will mail you a copy. Or, if the statement is available in your Online Documents, you can print it through Online Banking.

Q: Can I use Online Banking to make my loan payment?

A: Yes, in most cases you can use Online Banking to make a loan payment. Visit our Online Loan Payment Options page to learn more.

You have plans. We have ideas.

A couple getting keys to their new house


Learn how it works — and how it compares to a fixed rate mortgage.

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A young couple having breakfast together


A mortgage down payment of 20 percent may not be necessary to get a home.

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A couple building their dream home


You may be able build your dream home from the ground up. This financing option gives you the opportunity to turn your plans into reality.

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A mom playing with her two kids.


By finding an interest rate lower than you are currently paying on your outstanding debt, you may save money. Learn how!

More About Debt Consolidation

A diverse couple are choosing paint colors for a project that will need a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit


You can use the value of your home to turn big ideas into realities — from home improvements to helping your student pay for college. We can help.

Home Equity Loans

A young mother plays with her children in a renovated family room financed by a home improvement loan

Express Home Improvement Loans

A personal loan can get you up to $35,000 in fast cash, with minimal application fees and no collateral. Is it the right choice for you?

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A physician meeting with her client


A physician home loan gives doctors an opportunity to buy a home far earlier in their career than they would otherwise consider possible.

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A young couple are holding an infant in a home they recently purchased with a new home mortgage

View Our Borrowing Rates

First Midwest Bank provides a powerful blend of financial solutions. View our competitive rates and apply for your First Midwest loan today.

Focus on the milestone moments in your life, while keeping your financial future on track.

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1 Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required for all loans secured by property. Rates are subject to change daily. Contact your First Midwest Banker for our current rates.
2 Subject to credit approval. $5,000 minimum loan amount.