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An aerial photo looking down at the fields of a farm that received agribusiness financing

Momentum-building solutions for your agricultural business.


At First Midwest Bank, we know your farm is more than just a business. For more than 75 years, we have provided the knowledge, experience, and financial solutions to help you cultivate your operation to its fullest potential. As one of the top U.S.-based Ag Bank Lender in Illinois, and a national Top 50 Ag Bank Lender1, we do more that agricultural loans. We help fuel your passion. 

Our dedicated Ag Banking team understands how seasonality affects the farmer's distinct financing and cash flow management needs. Many team members grew up on their family farms and still have one foot in the field and one in the bank. 

  • First Midwest agriculture loans and financing strategies2 take full advantage of available federal and state financing programs, yet they are flexible enough to meet each farmer's individual situation. 
  • Our cash management services are designed to make the most efficient use of funds throughout the huge seasonal inflows and outflows that are a normal part of the business. 

We also have you covered with a full range of business and personal banking, as well as trust and investment management services through our offices located in Central and Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa. 

  • Farm management, consulting, and farm real estate brokerage 
  • FSA & Farmer MAC Lender 
  • Full complement of Ag products, services, and consultation 
    • Operating agricultural loans2 
    • Equipment financing3 
    • Farmland mortgages2 
    • Innovative low FSA interest-assistance programs 
    • Federal and State farm support programs 
    • Crop insurance through alliance partners 
  • Treasury management and deposit services 
  • Wealth Management Group4 — With more than $12 billion in assets under management 
    • Trust and fiduciary services — Wealth and estate planning to preserve and enhance your wealth 
    • Investment management — Personalized and actively managed investment plans and services 
  • Private banking — Premium banking and financial services served with a concierge feel


Contact one of our Ag Bankers in your region today and let us help all your hard work pay off.

Rebecca King
Senior Vice President
Group Head Agriculture 

Douglas Slaton
Senior Vice President
Western Illinois

Andrew Funk
Senior Vice President
North Central Illinois

Luke Gierach
Vice President
Western Illinois

Ed Grommes
Vice President
Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

Dwight Raab
Vice President
Central Illinois

Amanda Anderson
Assistant Vice President
North Central Illinois

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1 Source: American Bankers Association using FDIC data. 
2 Lending solutions are subject to credit approval, and property insurance may be required.  
3 In California, loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license. 
4 Wealth Management services are offered through First Midwest Bank. Most Wealth Management products are not FDIC insured.