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Steps to transition to First Midwest platforms.

Consumer Online and Mobile Banking

First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking service offers many of the features and functionalities that you’ve enjoyed with Park Bank’s Online Banking, making the transition easy and convenient. Some features of First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking include:

  • Alerts - including account, debit card, bill payment and service alerts. Service alerts will automatically transition. All other alerts will need to be reestablished after 06/15/20.
  • External Transfers - $2,500.00 per transaction, $7,500.00 or 3 transfers per day and $10,000.00 or 15 transfers per month. The cutoff time is 5:00pm.
  • Financial Center Dashboard Access - providing maximum control over your accounts.

We have prepared a short video to help you get up and running with Online Banking.

Take the Tour

Online Banking

Your current Park Bank User ID and Password will remain the same. 

Upon your first login:
  • You must agree to the Terms and Conditions that will apply to use the service. These Terms and Conditions replace any terms and conditions related to Park Bank’s Online Banking service.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity by entering a single-use code by phone call or SMS message to a phone number on file.
Park Bank’s Online Banking will not be available after 8:00pm on 06/12/20.
If you need further assistance, call First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking and Mobile Support at 877.203.6724.

Internal Transfer
  • Scheduled internal transfers for deposit accounts and loan payments will transition to First Midwest Bank on 06/15/20.
  • The cutoff time for internal transfers is 8:00pm during business days.
Bill Pay
  • Bill payees and recurring bill payments from your checking account will automatically convert from Park Bank to First Midwest Bank and will continue to be paid as scheduled. You will see those payments in your bill payment history on 06/15/20.
  • Your bill payments will function differently at First Midwest Bank. Funds will be withdrawn 24-48 hours after the payment “Send On” date you choose in Online Banking. Your “Send On” date will be based on the biller’s method of accepting payment and the time it takes to get the payment to the biller.
  • If you established Park Bank as a payee to make your loan payment, it will automatically convert to a First Midwest Bank payee on 06/15/20.
  • First Midwest Bank has a $10,000.00 daily transaction limit.
  • First Midwest Bank allows expedited bill payment to eligible electronic payees for a $4.00 fee.
  • The cutoff time to add, stop or edit a scheduled payment is 9:30pm. 
  • If you view your bills online, within Park Bank Online Banking, those eBills will automatically convert to your First Midwest Bank Bill Pay at 8:00am on 06/15/20.
  • Beginning on 06/15/20, you can set up new eBills in First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking.
  • If you currently receive eStatements from Park Bank, you will continue to receive eStatements from First Midwest Bank, generally around the same day you receive them today. 
  • Certificate of Deposit eStatements are not available. However, if you currently have a combined eStatement relationship with Park Bank or if you request a combined eStatement relationship with First Midwest Bank, you will receive your Certificate of Deposit balance. 
  • Effective 06/15/20, First Midwest Bank check images will be available in the Transaction History of First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking. Park Bank check images, prior to 06/15/20, will not be available in First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking.
  • Your final Park Bank eStatement will cycle on 06/12/20 and will be delivered as a paper statement.
  • If you wish to save your Park Bank eStatements and images, download them prior to 8:00pm on 06/12/20.
  • First Midwest Bank will convert 18 months of your Park Bank eStatement history. 
  • First Midwest Bank is currently finalizing plans for the conversion of eStatements. Updates on the timing will be communicated within Park Bank’s Online Banking prior to 06/12/20. 
  • If you need a specific eStatement or image after 06/15/20, contact us directly at 414.466.8000. 
  • Beginning on 06/15/20, log in to First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking to enroll additional accounts for eStatements. 

Mobile Banking

First Midwest Bank’s widely adopted Mobile Banking app is available for iPhone®, AndroidTM and iPad® devices. Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to view account information, make transfers, pay bills, and deposit checks.
  • The ability to view existing bill payments and create new bill payments for existing billers.

You will have two ways to access your account information from your mobile device:

1. Through the First Midwest Bank Mobile Banking app. To download the app:

  • Search First Midwest Bank at the App Store® or Google PlayTM store, or
  • Text “Mobile” to 57759 and we will send you a link to get you started.

2. By visiting from your mobile device and select the “Consumer Sign On” button.

  • Use your current Park Bank User ID and Password to access First Midwest Bank’s Mobile Banking.
  • Park Bank’s Mobile Banking app will not be available after 8:00pm on 06/12/20. At that time, please delete the Park Bank Mobile app to avoid confusion. 
  • Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google PayTM will be available to you in First Midwest Bank’s Mobile app. After 06/15/20, and after you have activated your First Midwest Bank Debit Mastercard®, you will need to add your new debit card(s) to your Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Google PayTM wallet. 

You can deposit checks remotely through the Mobile Banking app. The cutoff time for remote deposits is 5:00pm (on a Business Day we are open). Deposits are not available immediately. You will receive an email confirmation when you make a mobile deposit. You will also receive a separate email confirmation when your deposit has been processed. Please refer to the Funds Availability Policy in the Change in Terms Notification (CIT) in Section Two.


This service allows you to securely send, request or receive money through the First Midwest Bank Mobile app. Visit for more information.