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Our inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility report.

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We are proud to share our inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report: Momentum for All.

Being a good corporate citizen has been a part of First Midwest’s DNA since the founding of our company. This report brings to life what we are all about—how we express our character, how we live our mission and values and how we hold ourselves to the highest standard in doing so.

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Our 2020 Highlights

We are proud of the progress we have made on our CSR and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) journey in 2020.

  • A pile of books


    • $2.5mm in donations from the First Midwest Charitable Foundation
    • $300,000 in donations through our Colleague Giving Campaign
    • 1,200+ service hours during Virtual Volunteer Week
    • 8,000 participants in our financial literacy education programs
  • A group of people together


    • $1.2bn in small business PPP loans
    • Helped ~9,000 clients through accommodation programs during pandemic
    • $800,000 in CRA grants
    • $377mm of CRA-qualified community development loans
  • Top Workplace and Best in State Banks logos


    • 2020 Chicago Tribune Top Workplaces as highest rated commercial bank in Chicago
    • 62% women new hires; 46% minority new hires
    • 2020 Best-in-State Bank, as rated by Forbes
    • ~25 consecutive years Outstanding CRA rating

CSR Strategic Framework

Our CSR strategic framework is comprised of six key areas that are centered on our key stakeholders and anchored by our vision for impact: Momentum for All.

CSR Framework_Talent Acquisition & Mobility_Icon.png

Talent Acquisition & Mobility
Recruit, retain and develop diverse talent at all levels to drive high performing, productive and innovative teams

CSR Framework_Workplace Culture_Icon.png

Workplace Culture
Foster a culture of belonging and trust where everyone feels valued and encouraged to express authenticity and uniqueness in the workplace

CSR Framework_Community Investment & Visibility_Icon.png

Community Investment & Visibility
Accelerate inclusive economic momentum for individuals and businesses through strategic philanthropy, partnerships, lending and investments

CSR Framework_Colleague Engagement_Icon.png

Colleague Engagement
Deepen colleague engagement and drive social impact through enterprise-wide volunteerism and giving platforms

CSR Framework_Sustainability and Operational Excellence_Icon.png

Sustainability and Operational Excellence
Advance economic impact through socially responsible and diverse procurement policies and sustainable environmental practices

CSR Framework_Corporate Governance_Icon.png

Corporate Governance
Bolster confidence of our stockholders, regulators and clients through prudent governance, risk, ethical and compliance practices

Download Full Report