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First Midwest employees and their families at a volunteer event exemplify corporate social responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Service. Integrity. Passion. Responsibility.

We are proud to share our inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report: Momentum for All.

Being a good corporate citizen has been a part of First Midwest’s DNA since the founding of our company. This report brings to life what we are all about—how we express our character, how we live our mission and values and how we hold ourselves to the highest standard in doing so.

Our Commitment = Momentum for All

The First Midwest Bank Human Resources team meets to discuss diversity and inclusion

Diversity + Inclusion

To remain competitive in the ever-changing business world, we believe a diverse workforce that thrives in an inclusive workplace is a differentiator. Diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences in combination with an environment where differences are celebrated as assets drives innovation and leads to better outcomes for our business, clients and colleagues. An inclusive environment that welcomes all aspects of diversity creates loyalty, a sense of belonging and a culture where colleagues are valued, respected and excited to deliver best in class service to our clients.

First Midwest Bank volunteer at a Special Olympics event

Philanthropy + Community

Our culture of philanthropy and community investment has been strong since our inception. For more than two decades, we have been rated Outstanding on our Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) commitment for servicing communities in low to moderate income areas across our geographic footprint. We are extremely proud to support organizations delivering programs and services in the areas of homelessness, violence prevention, poverty eradication, affordable housing, small business development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, educational support and so much more. When community organizations are empowered to do their best work, members of the community rise.

First Midwest colleagues volunteering and reading to children

Volunteerism + Colleagues

Service is one of our core values and is in our DNA. Our colleagues dedicate numerous hours of their time and talent to advance causes important to them and the enterprise. From spending time at food pantries, to walking in support of breast cancer awareness, to delivering first time home buyers’ seminars, our colleagues embody the passion necessary to advance our most pressing societal issues. At First Midwest, this spirit of volunteerism is highly encouraged. We know our colleagues are better for it as well as our communities.

Photo of the First Midwest Bank Board of Directors

Governance + Ethics

Our strength as an enterprise begins with transparent corporate governance and ethical business practices. Oversight of these business imperatives is at the top levels of the enterprise. Our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership team regularly reviews our risk, ethics, corporate governance and compliance policies and programs to ensure we live our core values of integrity and responsibility to our stakeholders. Strong governance is integral to our growth agenda and positions us to continue adding value for our clients, colleagues, communities and shareholders.