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Hands on management and the right approach to maximize the value of real estate assets.1

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Real Estate Services

First Midwest Wealth Management Advisors1 view real estate as an investment, not simply as property to be managed. We provide the right strategies to maximize the value of real estate assets, while helping clients efficiently navigate tax and legal obstacles.

The 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange allows a property owner to exchange existing property for "like-kind" property without having to pay state and federal income taxes on the transaction. When contemplating selling property to purchase other "like-kind" property, it makes sense to consider deferring the payment of capital gains taxes through the use of a 1031 Exchange.

First Midwest Bank has provided services as a Qualified Intermediary for IRS Section 1031 since 1988. We work hand in hand with property owners and their legal/tax advisors to provide a smooth, timely tax-deferred exchange. For those who are not familiar with 1031 Exchanges, we have experienced Wealth Management Officers to guide you through the entire process.

1031 Exchange Forms:

1031 Exchange Agreement
1031 Exchange–W-9 Form
1031 Exchange–Section 1445 Certification by Individual Transferor
1031 Exchange–Section 1445 Certification of Nonforeign Status
(Corporation, Partnership, Transferor Estate)
1031 Exchange–Patriot Act Form
1031 Exchange–Direction to Intermediary
1031 Exchange–Direction to Intermediary: Account Closure
1031 Exchange–Assignment Contract for Relinquished Property
1031 Exchange–Notice of Assignment Contract for Relinquished Property
1031 Exchange–Direction to Pay Proceeds for Relinquished Property
1031 Exchange–Addendum for Relinquished Property Contract
1031 Exchange–Designation of Replacement Property
1031 Exchange–Revocation of Designation of Replacement Property
1031 Exchange–Assignment Contact for Replacement Property
1031 Exchange–Notice of Assignment for Replacement Property
1031 Exchange–Direction to Convey Replacement Property
1031 Exchange–Addendum to Replacement Property Contract

A Land Trust offers you, as an owner of property, a unique package of benefits that lets you enjoy all the advantages of ownership without some of the complexities. A Land Trust at First Midwest Bank makes real estate ownership simple.

This forms library contains many of the forms you might require and is here for your convenience. If you don't see a form you need, have questions, or want information on a specific form, please contact a First Midwest Wealth Management Officer today.

Land Trust Downloadable Forms:

Land Trust–Amendment for Trust Agreement

Land Trust–Application

Land Trust–Auto Debit Form

Land Trust–Direction to Convey

Land Trust–Direction to Execute Mortgage and Related Documents

Land Trust–Facsimile: Assignment of Beneficial Interest

Land Trust–Fee Schedule

Land Trust–General Direction

Land Trust–Outright Assignment

Land Trust–Patriot Act Form

Land Trust–Quit Claim Deed in Trust

Land Trust–Ratification Form

Land Trust–Trust Agreement

Land Trust–Warranty Deed in Trust

Equipment is one of the most significant capital investments for a company. The right equipment financing solution2 allows your business to operate more efficiently while preserving capital for your business to use.

First Midwest provides access to equipment term loans through our commercial banking team, as well as equipment financing solutions — including leasing — through First Midwest Equipment Finance.2

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Our Approach to Real Estate Services

Investing is a collaborative process with our clients. As a regulated fiduciary, we are held to a high standard of care and place the interests of our clients before our own.

Our core investment strategies and diversified portfolios are carefully constructed with a risk sensitive approach. Many clients delegate investment management decisions to our Financial Consultants, and we gladly accept that responsibility.

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1 Wealth Management services are offered through First Midwest Bank. Most Wealth Management products are not FDIC insured. First Midwest Bank and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult an independent tax advisor or attorney for more complete information.
2 Subject to credit approval. First Midwest Equipment Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Midwest Bank. In California, loans are made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law license.