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Financial advisor reviewing documents with his client

Invest with a goal-focused approach to Financial Planning.1

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Financial Planning

Uncover opportunities to save money, make money, identify risk and transfer wealth. We make the process simple — you provide the pertinent documents and information and leave the rest to us. We’ll provide objective results, presented in a format that you can understand. Wealth Management is most effective when all aspects of your finances and objectives are taken into consideration.

While it's (almost) never too late to plan for retirement, the sooner you start, the less complicated it can be. And the more detailed your retirement investment strategy, the more options you'll have when you're ready to start living "the rest of your life," whatever that looks like to you.

Here are a few key facts to consider when thinking about your retirement "nest egg":

  • Most people underestimate the amount they need to save for retirement.
  • People can expect to live 30 or more years in retirement, which could mean a significant risk of outliving their retirement savings.
  • The future of Social Security is uncertain.

We can show you how to achieve the lifestyle you desire later in life and help determine if you’re on track to achieve your goals. We can also find more efficient ways to save for your retirement and be there to monitor your progress along the way.

Inflation, unexpected expenses and an unknown life expectancy can make income planning in retirement difficult. We can perform an income analysis to identify ways to more effectively use your assets. We can optimize retirement plan distributions, increase income, protect principal and reduce the need to take additional risk.

First Midwest Wealth Management has experienced estate planning professionals who can help formulate a plan for your estate. We can provide guidance about inheritance issues from first-hand experience enabling you to make an informed choice. The legal and tax landscape is always changing, and we keep current on all the changes in the estate planning fieldFirst Midwest will show you the latest planning techniques to maximize the use of your wealth for the next generation.

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Our Approach to Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning Services help you navigate the complexities of investments, insurance, estate planning and taxes.1

For assistance with your all Financial, Retirement, Income and Estate Planning needs, contact a First Midwest Wealth Management Officer today.

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1 Wealth Management services are offered through First Midwest Bank. Most Wealth Management products are not FDIC insured. First Midwest Bank and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult an independent tax advisor or attorney for more complete information.