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A young lady texting her friend about First Midwest Bank
Tell A Friend About First Midwest

Turn Your Two Cents Into $25.

Get the Referral Form


When a friend or family member opens any new checking, savings, or money market account in a First Midwest branch, you earn a $25 bonus.1 You can earn up to 20 Tell A Friend referral bonuses per calendar year! Learn what to expect when you refer a friend.

Get the Tell A Friend Referral Form

A couple looking at an offer on his phone


Open an account with us and your friend gets $25.1 Here is how:

  1. Fill out our Tell a Friend form
  2. You must bring it to your local First Midwest branch
  3. Open an account
  4. Your friend or family member gets $25.

Find a Branch

A young gentleman opening a new account online


Open an account online and you can start banking with us today – though your friend will miss out on the referral bonus.

Open Online

Checking Benefits with First Midwest

Open your new account online, or visit your nearest branch. All our checking accounts include:


A friend showing her other friend about her online account

If You Referred a Friend

Thank you for talking us up! Here is what to expect:

  • Your friend must open the account in a First Midwest branch and use our referral form
  • You will receive your $25 referral bonus within 60 days of their account opening
  • It will be deposited directly into your First Midwest account.
  • You are eligible to earn up to 20 Tell a Friend referral bonuses per calendar year

1 The person being referred: 1.) Must not have held a First Midwest Bank personal checking, savings, or money market account in the past 180 days 2.) Must open a personal checking, savings, or money market account with a minimum of $100 in a First Midwest branch, and 3.) Turn in the referral form at time of account opening. The person making the referral: This referral bonus offer is limited to existing personal First Midwest Checking, Savings, or Money Market account holders (Health Savings, Investor Reserve Savings, and IRA Money Market accounts do not qualify) and limited to one $25 award per referred address. Addresses used in previous Tell a Friend referrals are not eligible for this offer. Once referred family and or friend meets the criteria above, a $25 bonus will be issued as a credit to your account within 60 days. To obtain the bonus, both your and the referred account must be open and in good standing at the time of bonus processing. Promotional credit may be subject to IRS 1099-MISC form reporting and may be considered taxable as interest income to you. Consult your tax advisor. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice. May not be combined with any other offer. First Midwest colleagues are not eligible. You can receive up to 20 “Tell A Friend” referral bonus deposits (totaling $500) per calendar year.