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A man on a laptop is using the bank’s switch kit to switch direct deposits and automatic payments to First Midwest
Put your plans into motion
Switching to First Midwest Bank is easy.

Switch to First Midwest

Switching banks is a big decision, but we can make your transition to First Midwest an easy one. Follow the simple steps below and your new First Midwest account will be set up just the way you want it. You can also download these instructions and all the required forms in our handy First Midwest Switch Kit.

Download the First Midwest Switch Kit.

Step 1 - Open Your New First Midwest Account
Whether you prefer to open your new account online, by phone, or in one of our convenient locations, First Midwest has you covered. Click below to view all of First Midwest's personal banking solutions.

View our Solutions.

Step 2 - Stop Using Your Old Accounts
Allow enough time and sufficient balances in your old accounts to cover any outstanding transactions including but not limited to checks, debit card transactions and automatic payments. You will also want to keep your old accounts open until your Direct Deposits are successfully redirected to your new First Midwest account.

Step 3 - Switch Your Direct Deposits
Use our convenient Direct Deposit Authorization Form to set up payroll deposits from your employer, or other organizations, into your new First Midwest account.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Step 4 - Switch Your Automatic Payments
If you have recurring payments (such as loan or utility payments) automatically deducted from your account, use our Automatic Payment Change Form to inform these companies that those payments should be automatically debited from your new First Midwest account. You may also want to see if those companies offer their own online payment solution so you can update your payment information there instead of by letter.

Automatic Payment Change Form

Step 5 - Close Your Old Accounts
Once all of your transactions have cleared, and your automatic payments and direct deposits have been changed to your new First Midwest account, use our Account Closing Notice to tell your former bank that you'll be closing your account/s and requesting that the remaining balance/s be sent to your attention. Please review the deposit account agreement(s) of the bank you are switching from to understand that bank’s account closing requirements.

Account Closing Notice

Personal Loans

Borrow as much as $35,0001 for up to seven years with no collateral.

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Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself when the unexpected happens. Learn more about First Midwest overdraft protection options.

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Our Premier Money Market account offers cash management capabilities and a higher level of interest than a traditional savings or money market account.

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1 Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required for all loans secured by property. Rates are subject to change daily. Contact your First Midwest Banker or Residential Lender for current rates.