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Young woman taking a photo of her check from her mobile device

Use your mobile phone to deposit checks – and save yourself a trip to your local branch.


Use your mobile phone to deposit your checks – thanks to Mobile Banking. Download the First Midwest Consumer Mobile App to get started.

  • Log into Mobile Banking Anywhere

    STEP 1

    A. Log in to Mobile Banking
    B. Tap the + button and select Deposit
    C. Read notice and allow app access to your camera

  • Select Your Deposit Account Anywhere

    STEP 2

    A. Select your deposit account, enter the check
    amount, and an email address for a receipt
    B. Take photo of front and back of check
    (remember to endorse!)
    C. Confirm and submit


Visit the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ to download the app on your mobile device.




Or, text “iPhone” or “Android” to 57759 to have a link sent to you directly.
Our app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones, and Android Tablets.