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An older couple sitting in their kitchen and drinking coffee are signing up for paperless eStatements on their laptop
Free for all Online Banking users.

Go Paperless

Sign up for free online documents and enjoy all the benefits of going paperless — it is faster, convenient and better for the environment. You can easily view, download, and print your account statements and other documents online. And best of all — they are free.

To enroll, you will need to be a registered Online Banking user. Once you are signed in to your Online Banking account, you can enroll. Not an Online Banking user? Create your online account today, then follow the steps below.



Get an email notification when a new document is ready to view online — no need to wait for the mail!

Environmentally Friendly

Since your online documents are PDF files (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®), you will save paper, reduce clutter and generate less waste.

Secure Access

Access your documents via your password protected Online Banking account and reduce the risk of identity theft.

A man is sitting on a deck with his dog and smiles as he signs up for online documents and eStatements

How to Enroll in Online Documents

Step 1) Sign On

Simply log in to your Online Banking account. 

How to Enroll in Online Documents - Step 1

Step 2) Change Your Preference

From the “Customer Service” tab select “Change Document Delivery Method.” 

Change Your Preference - Step 2

Step 3) Submit Your Enrollment

Select “Online” in the dropdown menu next to your account(s) in statements and notices and/or tax forms, agree to the Terms, then click “Submit.”  

Submit Your Enrollment - Step 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Any First Midwest account is eligible to access documents online.

No. There is no cost, documents are available online for free for all First Midwest checking, savings, or money market clients.

Paperless documents are available within First Midwest Online Banking.

So you receive an email notification every time you have a new document available to view online.

Yes, accessing your documents online is secure. In fact, because they are delivered, viewed, and stored within our secure online banking solution, they are more secure than traditional statements and documents delivered via U.S. Mail.

Every time a new statement — or other document — is available for you online, we will send you an email notification.

For your convenience and security, you cannot stop receiving this notification. You deserve as much time as possible to review your account statement(s), so we will send this notification to you every time a new statement is available for you online.

First Midwest checking, savings, and money market clients can have both. And best of all, combined statements and estatements are free. Just contact a First Midwest Bank Banker or call Customer Care at 800-322-3623 when you are ready to go paperless with your combined statements.