More Ways to Earn

Going to a family reunion? Sending a note to Grandma? Be sure to ask them to help make the dream of a college education real. Simply by banking with First Midwest and opening a Tuition Rewards account, your family members can work together with you to make your points grow even faster. They'll earn 500 points for enrolling in Tuition Rewards, and you'll receive a 100-point bonus for each referred family member who joins.

Grow Your Relationship

The easiest way to earn Tuition Rewards points is to add eligible accounts and services to your First Midwest banking relationship as you encounter different financial needs. Remember, we'll always take the time to understand where you want to go and then help you get there, realizing your goals for a healthy financial future.

Eligible accounts include your First Midwest:

Grow Your Balances

As your First Midwest banking relationship grows, so do your Tuition Rewards points. And, adding accounts and services isn't the only way...consolidating balances from other institutions at First Midwest is another way to expand your relationship and the Tuition Rewards points that you can earn. First Midwest clients can earn an unlimited number of points in the following manner:

  • 500 points for enrolling in Tuition Rewards. 
  • 100 points for each eligible account or service opened before or after enrollment; and, for each referred family member who joins. 
  • 5% annually2 of year-to-date average balances for all traditional deposit balances. 
  • 5% one time of the original amount of a new or existing loan.3 

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