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At First Midwest, we’re committed to creating an environment that rewards success and encourages you to do your personal best. Take a minute to read just a few of the many testimonials from our employees.


Jacinda T. (Personal Banker 8 years)
When I think about First Midwest, I think about relationship banking. We put our clients first to help them achieve their personal financial goals. Because each client has individual needs, I put myself in their shoes to better focus on their needs and help them solve for their financial goals. By recommending the right products and services for their healthy financial future, each of my clients gets the custom-tailored service they need. Taking personal responsibility for my clients’ success puts the relationship in relationship banking and builds trust between me and my clients. I enjoy and believe in what I do. And, because I have confidence in myself and the products and services First Midwest offers, I am not just an employee, but a client as well. For eight years and counting, First Midwest Bank has given me the opportunity to turn my job into a career. Thank you, First Midwest!


Steve R. (Commercial Banking Manager 11 years)
I began my career at a small community bank, followed by a short stay with a large international bank. I then chose to become part of the team at First Midwest Bank because it truly is the perfect size. We have all the capabilities to serve sizable clients in the same manner as large national banks, but also smaller clients with a community bank approach and local decision-making capabilities. Starting my career as a Credit Analyst, I have improved my skills through management training and graduate school classes with the help of a supportive senior management group. I have since held the position of Loan Officer and have recently been promoted to Commercial Banking Manager. It’s a great feeling to be on a sales call and know that you truly believe in the products and services First Midwest offers.


Richard P. (Senior Vice President, Financial Analysis Manager 13 years)
My career started with First Midwest as a temporary accounting clerk in 1995. At that time, I was looking for a company that would provide me with the opportunity for growth and success. In the short time I worked as a temporary employee, I started to realize First Midwest had many of the qualities I was looking for, which eventually led to my decision to accept a full-time position. Since then, I have had the opportunity to serve in the roles of a cost accountant, a financial analyst, a reporting manager, a budgeting manager, a profitability measurement specialist and a special project manager. Throughout this entire time, the same company qualities that I became aware of early on in my career continued to provide me with increasingly challenging and rewarding work, and remain the keys to both my own and First Midwest’s success. Specifically, these qualities include a focus on employee development of new skills and knowledge; a customer service oriented culture with a “family-like” atmosphere, providing the opportunity to work on diverse projects with diverse team members; and most importantly, empowering employees to make a difference every day.


Charlotta T. (Branch Manager 14 Years)
I’ve been at First Midwest helping clients with their banking needs for 14 years. Some people may wonder what keeps me here – that’s a fair question. I think it’s the young lady that I helped get her first auto loan, or the father that needed a personal loan to pay for his daughter’s wedding, possibly even the young man that opened his first checking account after landing his dream job. More than likely, it’s being a part of all these events and sharing in the success stories that not only keeps me at First Midwest, but will continue to keep me here until I’m too old to stand up and greet my clients!

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