Municipalities and Public Finance

Local governments, school districts, libraries, parks and other publicly financed institutions aren’t in business to earn a profit. But, as stewards of their citizens’ collective assets, their financial needs are just as crucial as those of any private enterprise.

A day in the financial life of a taxing body consists largely of the disbursement of funds to other entities, businesses or constituencies as set forth by law or contract. Collection of revenue, however, is far more intermittent. First Midwest Bank has extensive experience in:

  • Financing short-term commitments
  • Concentrating cash for greater yields
  • Making public transactions easier, safer, quicker and more convenient

Efficient use of funds, coupled with our capability to provide long-term financing through tax-exempt debt securities, creates the kind of value that helps sustain public confidence and enhance your community’s viability.

There’s a good reason why First Midwest is known for solid service to community governments. We live, work and worship here. Our kids go to school here. We are committed to developing meaningful relationships with the individuals and organizations that make communities stronger, safer and more beautiful.

For more information on financial solutions for your public entity or municipality, call us today at 800-322-3623 and we'll connect you with a First Midwest Business Banker.

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