Fraud Identification

Ensure your payments are safe from fraud and error with First Midwest Fraud Identification solutions. We provide the additional controls and monitoring you need on your accounts to prevent check and electronic payment fraud. 

Positive Pay

Gain peace of mind and added security by reducing your exposure to check fraud. Each time your company issues a check, it is exposed to possible fraudulent checking activity. From the time a check leaves your desk to the time it posts to your account, any number of things can happen to it. It may be lost, stolen, altered or forged. To manage your exposure to this type of risk, we offer Positive Pay. With Positive Pay, First Midwest will only pay the checks you have authorized and will bring to your attention any checks that you have not authorized – before they have a chance to clear through your account.

  • Tighten security by monitoring all of your check clearing activity;
  • Greater convenience as all unauthorized checks or "suspects" received by First Midwest are brought to your attention; and
  • Improve cash flow forecasting due to reduced likelihood of fraud. 

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ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay provides an added measure of defense against unauthorized check clearing activity. You will receive notifications on all unreported inclearing checks we receive before they are paid against your account. View images of inclearing checks online to authorize payment or a return. 

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ACH Debit Block

Control what ACH transactions post to your account with ACH Debit Block. With ACH Debit Block you can block all ACH debits, credits or both types of transactions from posting to your account. 

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