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Close up of a banker handing a customer a new Commercial Credit Card from First Midwest Bank

Increase the float on your accounts payable and lower your transaction costs.

Commercial Cards

Increase the float on your accounts payable and lower your transaction costs by consolidating multiple purchases with commercial credit cards1 from First Midwest Bank. 

The perfect Credit Card for your Business. All Credit Card options include:

  • Rebate Rate2
  • $0 Annual Fee (First 12 Months)
  • Does not appear on Personal Credit3
  • CardType and Credit Card Liability Waiver up to $100,000 per cardholder through Visa
  • 3% Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Annual Fee after 12 months is waived if conditions are met
  • Easy to use web-based tool with downloadable reports to reconcile and manage spend
  • SecurLOCKTM Fraud Alert, Monitoring, and Intelligence

Talk to one of our Treasury Management specialists about a First Midwest Commercial Credit Card today.

We provide four different card options. Find the perfect fit for your organization:


    Reward5 – up to 1.5 points per $1.006

    Travel Points Rewards – redeem for flights, hotels, or experiences7

    Merchandise Rewards – redeem for merchandise8

    Statement Credit Rewards – redeem for credit on credit card statement ($50 credit requires 7,000 pts., $100 credit requires 12,500pts.)9

    Gift Card Rewards – redeem for gift cards ($50 value requires 6,200 pts., $100 value requires 12,100 pts., $200 value requires 23,900 pts., $500 value requires 59,200 pts.)

    ACH Rewards – redeem for ACH credits (15,000 points for $100 or 21,000 points for $150.)10


    Card is typically used for Travel and Entertainment expenses, vendor payments, and day-to-day purchases

    Cash Rebate11

    Establish restrictions for individual card holders to make sure cards are used properly

    Purchasing restrictions to guard against internal fraud and unwanted purchases


    Card is typically used for vendor payments and day-to-day business purchases

    Cash Rebate to Company Ownership11

    Establish spending restrictions to make sure cards are used properly

    Carry higher credit limits

    Purchasing restrictions to guard against internal fraud and unwanted purchases


    Card is typically used for travel and entertainment expenses

    Cash Rebate to individual card holders11

    Establish restrictions for individual card holders


A First Midwest Relationship Manager can help you secure the funds you need to grow, expand and explore new opportunities for your business.

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Our Capital Markets partners will learn what makes your business unique, so they can help structure the credit your company needs.

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If you work in agriculture, healthcare, franchise lending, commercial real estate, or government/non-profit sectors, we have experts who know your business.

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Two colleagues who are looking at a laptop and a tablet are discussing the best checking account options for their business

Open a Business Checking Account

Ask a First Midwest Relationship Manager about online business checking options.12

Open an Account

1 Subject to credit approval, all cards are non-revolving cards. For Frist Midwest Bank’s credit card terms and agreements please speak to a Treasury Management Officer.
2 Rebate paid within 90 days of the end of the calculation period.
3 Typically does not appear on personal credit; however, exceptions apply if a guarantor is used. Other terms and conditions apply. Credit cards issuer is Visa with business arrangement with First Midwest Bank.
4 Business cards can be restricted for travel and entertainment purposes or can be used as a combined purchasing and T&E card.
5 Rewards can be redeemed at
6 Rewards points expire after three years.
7 Travel points vary, depending on numerous factors regarding travel arrangements.
8 Merchandise rewards vary, depending on item, includes electronics, apparel and home and goods.
9 Client will receive credit within three business days
10 The ACH can be credited to any bank account and takes approximately 3-5 business days for cardholders to receive
11 Eligible for rebates if spend requirements are met
12 Online account opening is available to residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. $100 minimum deposit required to open an account.

* For Business Cards, annual fee is waived if spend is at least $7,500 per month in last 12 months, or annual fee of $59 at the company level if spend is not met. Annual fee of $29 per card if individually billed. For the Purchasing Card, Corporate Card and Combined Card, $0 if not enrolled in Rebate program or $79 if prior 12 month spend is less than $1MM at the company level, $39 if individually billed.