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A young business owner on a laptop and using headphones is watching fraud mitigation videos

Financial fraud is a growing threat for any business. These videos can help you be proactive.

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Fraud Videos

Financial fraud is a growing threat for any business. First Midwest’s Fraud Mitigation Services give your business an extra layer of protection from these risks. You may find these fraud awareness videos helpful to share within your organization.

Fraud Video Series 

Vigilance and education about fraud can help your organization catch suspicious activity before it does any harmThese fraud videos can teach you and your teams how to safeguard your business. 

Chapter 1: The Current Landscape of Fraud 

Fraud is becoming more prevalent, and harder to identify. Bank fraud impacts many forms of payment instruments. Learn how you can be proactive to help protect your company from it. 

Chapter 2: The Damage 

The average loss from just one fraudulent transaction is more than $23,0001, and worldwide losses total more than $5.2 billion2. Your vigilance could save thousands.

Chapter 3: Types of Fraud 

Do you know  common scams such as the “Bogus Invoice” and the “CEO Con”? Learn how to recognize these and other schemes.

Chapter 4: Preventing Fraud and the Warning Signs 

Your organization can catch suspicious activity and challenge it before financial loss occurs. Learn best practices for recognizing potential internet based fraud.

Chapter 5: What to Do if You are a Victim of Fraud 

Even when you have done all you can to mitigate fraud risk, you may still become a victim. Here are steps you can take to immediately address and de-risk the damage.

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A First Midwest Relationship Manager can help you secure the funds you need to grow, expand and explore new opportunities for your business.2

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Our Capital Markets partners will learn what makes your business unique, so they can help structure the credit your company needs.

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If you work in agriculture, healthcare, franchise lending, commercial real estate, or government/non-profit sectors, we have experts who know your business.

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1 2014 AFP Payments Fraud and control survey report, underwritten by JP Morgan.
2 FBI Public Service Announcement May 4, 2017: Business E-Mail Compromise The 5 Billion Dollar Scam.
3 Account opening is available to residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. $100 minimum deposit required to open an account.