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A group of volunteers whose non-profit agency utilizes government and non-profit banking services are distributing food

Momentum for those who serve others.


Local governments, school districts, libraries, parks, and other publicly financed or non-profit institutions are not in business to make money. But, as stewards of their citizens' collective assets, their financial needs are just as crucial as those of any private enterprise. 

There is a good reason why First Midwest is known for solid service to community governments and non-profit organizations. We live and work here. Our kids go to school here. We are committed to developing meaningful relationships with the individuals and organizations that make communities stronger, safer, and more beautiful. 

First Midwest has dedicated Treasury Managers trained to meet your ongoing government banking and non-profit banking needs with extensive experience in: 

  • Concentrating cash for greater yields 
  • Making public transactions easier, safer, quicker and more convenient  

Treasury Management Solutions 

Designed to help your organization extract the most value from its financial resources, First Midwest Treasury Management Solutions offer the ideal blend of technology-driven best practices delivered by dedicated Treasury Management Consultants. 

Here are some of the Treasury Management services we offer: 

  • Bill Payment Consolidation Services 
  • Electronic Lockbox 
  • Merchant Services 
  • Remote Deposit Capture 
  • Business Express Online Banking (with ACH and/or Wires) 
  • ACH Positive Pay 
  • ACH Debit Block  

Learn more about Government and Public Funds solutions in our overview sheet.

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Connect with a Treasury Management Manager to add a little momentum to your government agency or non-profit organization today. 

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