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Steps for uninterrupted Debit and ATM Card access.

Consumer Debit and ATM Card Information

Here are several important facts to keep in mind to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted Debit or ATM Card access during the transition to First Midwest Bank:

  • Your current Park Bank Visa® Debit Card or ATM Card will continue to function with no change to your PIN until 09/15/20, or until your card’s expiration date, whichever comes first. If a PIN (Debit) transaction is declined using your Park Bank Visa® Debit Card during the transition, select Signature (Credit).
  • Additionally, you will receive a new First Midwest Bank Debit Mastercard® or ATM Card in early June. Your PIN will remain the same and you will receive a separate PIN verification. Your Card should be activated immediately by calling 877.260.2878. However, your First Midwest Bank Debit Mastercard® or ATM Card will not be available for use until 06/15/20.
  • Balance inquiries will not be available at any ATM (on-us or foreign) beginning at 6:00pm on 06/12/20 through 8:00am on 06/15/20. 
  • Once you have successfully completed a valid transaction using your First Midwest Debit Mastercard® or ATM Card after 06/15/20, we strongly encourage you to use your new First Midwest Bank Debit Mastercard® or ATM Card and destroy your Park Bank Visa® Debit Card or ATM Card to ensure uninterrupted card access and protection against fraud. 
  • If you have any bills that are automatically paid with your Park Bank Visa® Debit Card, please notify the biller or merchant of your new First Midwest Bank Debit Mastercard® number and expiration date. This must be completed after you activate your First Midwest Bank Debit Mastercard®, but before your Park Bank Visa® Debit Card is closed to avoid any loss in service.
  • All card transactions beginning at 6:00pm on 06/12/20, through 8:00am on 06/15/20, may not be reflected in your available balance. Transactions during this time will begin to post to your account the evening of 06/15/20 but may take several days to reflect an accurate available balance.
  • If you have a Park Bank ATM Card, you will receive a First Midwest Bank ATM Card. You will not incur a fee for any transaction(s) at a First Midwest Bank ATM. 
  • As a Park Bank Visa® Debit Card holder, you will have free access to over 180 First Midwest Bank ATMs — plus over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide in the Allpoint® network. Allpoint® ATMs are located in some of your favorite retailers, including Walgreens, Kwik Trip, Target, Speedway and CVS. For a complete listing, download the Allpoint® Mobile app or visit
  • To find a First Midwest Bank or Allpoint® ATM nearest you, visit or go to the First Midwest Bank Mobile app and select “Locations”. 
  • First Midwest Bank charges a $3.00 fee for transactions, including balance inquiries, made at non-Bank and/or non- Allpoint® network ATMs. 
  • First Midwest Bank will continue to offer debit card alerts that can be set up through First Midwest Bank’s Online Banking. If you currently have debit card alerts set up, they will need to be reestablished after 06/15/20. 
  • If you are planning to travel, please contact us directly at 414.466.8000 or stop by a local branch to ensure no interruption of service.

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