Balance magazine - September 2010

Jan Viano"A well-conceived budget can actually give you more freedom to do more of the things you truly enjoy."

Janet M. Viano 
Executive Vice President, Director Retail Sales & Service

While the recent recession may have affected everyone differently, what we all share is a new sense of moderation, and more awareness of what is – or isn’t – in our bank accounts.

Often this awareness sparks a renewed sense of urgency around financial planning and budgeting. But some people seem to have a negative view of budgeting. Perhaps they think that a budget is similar to a financial straightjacket that will restrict their activities and not leave any room for fun. That’s simply not the case. In fact, adhering to a well-conceived budget can actually give you more freedom to do more of the things you truly enjoy.

With the right guidance, a budget is an incredibly useful financial planning tool – one that can help put you on the road to achieving all of your financial goals. And, as this issue of balance shows, it’s not only fairly easy to get started, but also something that can involve your entire family.

In the article "Find Financial Freedom with a Budget", you'll learn how simple it can be to set up a budget, and read how doing so helped one woman eliminate her debt and save for her dream retirement. And, we've got tips for teaching your children the basics of budgeting in our "Teach Your Kids How to Budget" feature.

We shed light on Health Care Reform and how it may affect you in "Health Reform and Your Finances", as well as the basics of beginning to set up a living trust in "Set up a Living Trust".

At First Midwest Bank, our goal is to provide you with the trusted, knowledgeable support you expect. Above all, we hope the budgeting tips in this issue of balance can help you develop a solid financial plan for your future that you’ll feel good about.


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Janet M. Viano
Executive Vice President, Director of Retail Sales & Service

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